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Felted Sweater Flowers

January 27, 2014

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January 7, 2014

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Felted Sweater Flowers

January 27, 2014

Who knew felted flowers could be so easy to make? Felted flowers are a must have accessory for hats, coats, dresses and more.

Check your closet or local goodwill for 100% wool sweaters. You will need green for the leaves, a bright color for the flower and and a contrasting color for the center.

The felting process: Machine wash sweaters in HOT water. Place in a HOT dryer. This will shrink the sweaters and allows sweaters to be cut without unraveling.

Sharp scissors are a must. Cut 4 circles for the petals. Each circle should be slightly smaller than the previous.

Hot glue the circles together with a dot...not a lot!

Press together.

Hold in place until set.

Cut leaves. It looks like a mustache. :)

Hot glue leaves to the bottom of the largest circle.

Glue the contrasting color to the center. I used black felt but you could also use a wool sweater.

The last step! Cut a large circle (any color) to glue on the bottom to tidy up the look. Secure with a safety pin.

Beautiful! These make great gifts, too.
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